TC Rainscreen Light

Each TC Rainscreen Light panel production run is tailored to the specific color, shape, and texture characteristics unique to your project. These panels have a ship-lapped profile, are 18mm thick, and weigh about 6.4 pounds per square foot. TC Rainscreen Light is attached to Fast Track Light. This is the thinner of the our two open ventilated facade options. TC Rainscreen Light allows moisture drainage and air flow through the back of the panels. This product is best suited for walls and soffits with continuous horizontal coursing, or with a flexible vertical joint. Custom sizes, shapes, colors, and glazing are available upon request. All TC Cladding products are recyclable.

Standard Sizes:

  • 12” x 24”
  • 12” x 36”
  • 16” x 36”
  • 18” x 36”
  • Minimum Height: 6 inches
  • Maximum Height: 24 inches
  • Maximum Length: 4 feet

Rainscreen Benefits:

The Fast Track system that carries both TC Rainscreen and TC Rainscreen Light, as well as the open joints, create a continuous air gap between the terra-cotta siding and the structure of the building allowing the wall to breathe and drain water quickly. 

The TC Cladding deflects any outward moisture, while releasing the trapped moisture. The vapor barrier on the outside of the substrate acts as the final air and water barrier. 

This allows for proper ventilation, drainage, and pressure equalization to occur in the wall, eliminating the chance for trapped moisture, dry rot and mold. 

The airspace also creates an extra layer of insulation (thermal mass) between the building and the facade, resulting in healthy wall construction as well as improved comfort for the occupants. This can lead to energy savings on your HVAC system costs.

Without the need for grout or sealants, your jobs are done faster and cleaner while still providing protection from hazardous weather conditions such as wind, temperature, uv rays, and normal ground movement.

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